Sunday, February 15, 2009

An interesting conspiracy theory

If the basis for this theory wasn't a US Congressman's interview on C-Span, I wouldn't make too much of it. I'm not big on conspiracy theories.

As it stands, there are a lot more questions than answers. But it is interesting. Exactly how unusual is it to get $550 billion withdrawn from money market accounts in a couple hours? Was it thousands of accounts or was it fewer big accounts?

As the Congressman describes it, it was pretty cataclysmic. Would anyone actually be ablet to coordinate something like this? Or was it just widespread panic that happened all at once in turbulent times?

Interesting. Sure seems that nobody is trying to give us any answers though.


Charley B said...

I'm even less of a conspiracy theorist, but it would be nice to get some answers now instead of reading them in history books 20 years from now.

If I had to guess, I would bet the Wall Street people (or others in the know) got first grab at the money before all of us working folks knew how hard the bad economy really hit us. The same reason we saps always buy high, sell low, and get the short end when it comes to the market. It seems the Dow is little more than a giant Ponzi sceme, and we are the easy marks.

Me said...

The only reason I can imagine that explains why we don't know what happened and by whom is that telling the public has been deemed to be a detriment to the economy.
Lowering confidence, stirring panic and deepening our trouble at a time when we desperately need the opposite.

Under this scenario I suppose withholding the information is a prudent thing.

I just wish they would tell me and keep it from the rest of you saps.

Then I'd pick and choose who I shared it with.

Perhaps with only my clan members?

OregonGuy said...

And then there's this report: