Saturday, August 09, 2008

Calling all Bloggers!

You are invited to a Bloggers Luncheon, this Tuesday in Wilsonville. The occasion is the kickoff of a new statewide campaign about energy policy by Freedomworks.

If you have an interest in coming and hearing about what is being planned (and perhaps being a part of it) just leave me a comment here, and I will email you the details.


Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

I'm interested. robert(AT)robertcanfield(DOT)com

Jim Karklock said...

Me too


Anonymous said...

Me too,
Steve on a cell phone from Tualatin.

Jeff said...

I'm very interested. As a county commissioner involved with the LNG siting, I will be interested in participating in this if I can squeeze it in.

Jeff said...

Email me: jshazenATpacifierDOTcom

MAX Redline said...
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Carla said...

I'd be very interested in attending what I'm sure will be a very informative luncheon. I do have a couple of appointments on Tuesday AM, but I might be able to make it depending on the timing.

If not, I'd appreciate you sending me the information you're sending out to bloggers.

Please email me at


MAX Redline said...

It's an interesting idea, Rob, but unfortunately I work on Tuesdays.

Anonymous said...


I have a suggested topic for you to ask Jack Bodanski about next week. One of his many criticisms against the Bush administration is their 'trampling of the Constitution.' Ask him why he doesn't lead by example.

I am a frequent commenter on his blog, and seem to always get suspended from commenting when I try to debate his premise. The reasoning is always that I've 'crossed the line' etc... Ok...its his blog, he sets the rules. But when has he EVER deprived a left-wing nutter from saying whatever they want? Jack already controls the thread topics. He then allows comments. But he restricts ONLY conservative opinions from free expression in his own little 'administration'.

Today I was banned for making the comment that the Sarah Palin 'not my baby' rumor he is banking on and actively promoting was a sign that his blog may have 'jumped the shark' on election commentary because he is now even left of the comparatively restraint-showing Democratic Underground site which is amazing. Comment deleted, once again suspended.

Jack provides a great forum for commenting on the topics he brings up, and you can read a wide variety of opinions....from yours to the legendary nuttiness of Tensequatta(sic), but posters like 'Tensk' can say that Bush raped his daughter Jenna while pushing the plunger that set off the bombs implanted in WTC7 and all is OK. Suggest Jack is straying off mainstream and, BAM!, banned. Unless you are giving him a weekly radio gig.

- butch