Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Central planner's dream: no cars in the city

For years, I've been pointing out that the real agenda of the Rex Burkholders of the local political scene have a goal of banning cars altogether from the ciy of Portland. Folks don't believe it, because the idea is so absurd and stupid that they just can't wrap their minds around the notion that our political leadership could support something that is so astoundingly idiotic.

But it's true. Of course Rex and his merry band of fellow travellers would themselves deny it, because they know that telling us their end game would put at risk the incremental policies they are putting in place to achieve their goal. If people knew where they were headed, if people knew how extreme folks like Tyrant-asaurus Rex really is, they would lose all credibility, and hence, all ability to get their anti-car policies in place.

Just look at what they are doing this weekend: Spending $150,000 of your tax dollars on closing off six miles of streets in Nort Portland this weekend, in conjuncton with the "Car-Free Cities Conference," that is being held in Portland this week.

So there it is. Start closing off more and more roads to cars, in pursuit of the Nirvana of car-free cities. Be the toast of the international socialist crowd, so our politicians will remain in high demand for speaking at all their back-slapping international confabs where they give each other awards.

So do they really want to ban cars? I'm sure Rex won't admit it, but I'm sure he's speaking at the conference this week. Here is what the conference organizer, Elly Blue, said in The Funny Paper today:

"People are really ready for this idea and ready to change the way the city works and the way they live," Cars are kind of a problem around here. Cars are in the way."


Anonymous said...

Interesting that it is about one month to the day since Adams was elected that the city is going to do a "test" of closing streets to autmobiles.

Mark my word, this is only the beginning.

Dave Lister

Anonymous said...

Alternative pyramid healing fantasy land hippy yuppies love this kind of stuff. It makes them feel good. In fact, just like last year when they had a similar event and closed streets in that area thousands of cars parked in the neighborhood streets outside the closed area. These hypocrites were so green in attending this car free neighborhood gathering by driving there and walking a couple of blocks. Remember the lessons of closing business districts to cars, as Eugene Oregon did in the 1970’s. Their central core area is still blighted and dead. The resurgence of North Portland is because people from other parts of the city drive there to patronize the businesses. How am I going to get building materials from the Rebuilding Center home on my bicycle? I’ll bet Harbor Freight is really happy about this too. Try to take home a table saw on your bike. This green eco nazi stuff has to stop. As a commenter on Jacks blog put it: “Lucky for them Portland has plenty of new-age goofs with a kindergarten ethos of entitled happy endings and outcomes who will line up to buy into this crap.”

Anonymous said...

Learn about the concept before you diss it.

This is a chance for families to enjoy their communities just for one day without worrying about their kids being run down by cars.

Here is a video about what will happen on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anon:

Block parties are fine. Close a couple streets so the neighbors can congregate. This ain't that. This is you car haters working your social engineering plan. First NOPo, then downtown, then God knows where.

When you anti car zealots drive all the job creators out of PDX, I hope you will enjoy riding your bike 15 or 20 miles to the burbs to go to work.

Or more likely, you are some tie-died walking stick trust funder who doesn't need to work

Anonymous said...

So much anger, little man. Perhaps you are realizing that the SUV Americandream you were sold is all bullshit.

Maybe you're just jealous because carfree people pay $0 for gas.

Who is the sucker now?

Anonymous said...

So much anger, little man. Perhaps you are realizing that the SUV Americandream you were sold is all bullshit.

You are the one who sucked up all the bullshat from the car hating Luddites. You bought it hook line and sinker. You are the little person.

Anonymous said...

Can't everyone see - taking away cars is going to set off a mass chain reaction that is going to destroy all our life styles! I won't be able to get to work - I can't afford to live within bike distance of my office's neighborhood, I can't afford to change jobs and re-start. I don't want to ride a bike or walk around freaking Oregon! You take away cars, you take away jobs. You take away jobs, you take away home owners. You take away home owners, you take away the equity we've been raised to rely on. You take away the equity, you take away much of our freedom and security.

There is no reason to change, unless you are recommending taking out all the bike lanes and planters to widen our roads. I'll go along with that change. Why don't we build some tele-porting devices? That's much more realistic.

Anonymous said...

These idiots think cars are evil? I think cats, soy, tofu, tai-chi, abstract art, bad economic decisions and tie-die are evil.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe you're just jealous because carfree people pay $0 for gas."

You showed your absolute ignorance with that sentence alone.

You don't think "car-free" people pay for fuel? The price of energy is factored into everything you purchase, nimrod.

Anonymous said...

The people who are lost in the enamor over stunts like this are incappable of thinking any deeper than the superficial impresssions they cling to.

Then their imaginations run wild as they feed off each other's embellishments as they turn nothing into a glorius accomplishment for the utopia in their minds.

In short they are idiots.

That's how they end up sayig
"the SUV Americandream you were sold is all bullshit".

What SUV Americandream?

"This is a chance for families to enjoy their communities just for one day without worrying about their kids being run down by cars."

You see there? Kids are being run down by cars? And this one day let's families enjoy running around in the streets without dying?

If the city spent the 150K improving the local parks families would be enjoying them a little more all year.

But no, this silly stunt is supposed to give families a feeling of enjoyment.

So go out and zombie around for a few hours and then write letters to the editor about what a marvelous experience it was.

Oh, you've already written them?

bob said...

One of the big arguments of the carfree movement is that poorly designed cities, where one must drive to even get a quart of milk, and kids can't walk to school, creates car-dependence.

We need to fix our cities and give people options to live closer to where they work, go to school, etc.

Car-dependency creates alienation from society. I think that is why a silly street fair has you guys in such a snit, you are completely alienated from your neighbors and community because so much of your life is spent stuck in traffic in your metal boxes.

Come on out on Sunday, see all the kids and older folks enjoying the streets and city. See if you still hate it then.

It's easy to be afraid of something new. But if you try it, you might change your mind.

P.S. The people who live in the neighborhood where this is going on are very supportive of it. If you don't live in this neighborhood, then why do you care?

Anonymous said...

No a majority of the people that live in the neighborhood are not supportive, only the vocal minority. I don’t live there, but I do frequent businesses in the area. You know what really gets me, is the whole green crap you idiots believe in. Not that we don’t need to save the planet, but it is the way you jerks are going about it. You stupid insipid new age dummies don’t have a clue. Doing artificial things doesn’t solve the problems. Central planning doesn’t either. You don’t get it. If Americans want to save the world from global warming all these futile exercises won’t make a dent. Everyone in this country would have to live a lifestyle equivalent to an 1880’s homesteader to achieve this goal. It ain’t goanna happen. So you insipid Prius driving yuppie jerk, sell your house, give all your stuff to the Goodwill, move your family to a tent in the woods and live off the land. Only then could you and your ilk make a real change. No, your not going to lower your lifestyle to make a change, you are going to play patty cake with all your pc brethren and keep consuming.