Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Supporters rally behind Wingard

As reported at NW Republican, supporters have rallied behin Matt Wingard in the face of his abandonment by House Caucus Leader Bruce Hanna.

Standing by Matt are all sorts of local dignitaries - incumbent Representative Jerry Krummell, a former Mayor of Wilsonville (and current Chamber of Commerce chair,) State Senator Larry George, and a host of others.

If Bruce Hanna thought that Matt Wingard would just shrink away when he threw him under the bus, I guess he thought wrong. I kind of feel sorry for whoever it is that they are recruiting to run against Matt.

This race will be about whether District 26 wants the well known candidate backed by local people and local leaders who know Matt and his work on local issues, or the candidate chosen by the big money, out-of-district Repblican lobby who needs a more reliable vote for their various insiders schemes and deals they cook up.

I guess the game is on. I just hope that Hanna's candidate knows exactly what he or she might be waing into.


Anonymous said...

Rob, that's exactly what the race, now, is about. Who gets to pick candidates for public office? Is the Republican Party returning to the days when special-interest lobbyists and party leaders met in smoke-filled rooms and chose whomever they could most easily control? How did this Party get so far from its own people?

Yomi Mizuhara said...

That question can be answered easily, my good man.

The party got so far from it's own people because certain members have decided that they do not want to relinquish control. They want to be the kingmakers, the ones who say "Yes, you get to come in and make me money".

Dan said...

Well they sure showed their true colors this time.
Just another monumental error in judgement. Something they have perfected.

Behind the scenes they lecture that the party problems eminate from the extreme, talk radio types who don;t understand how things work.

No doubt the party caucus leaders
are bad mouthng those defending Matt as a problem they'll "deal with".

Like I said, they have perfected bad judgement.

Thankfully, now they're going to get bitten again.

Today's O http://www.oregonlive.com/oregonian/stories/index.ssf?/base/metro_south_news/1201143309132340.xml&coll=7

GOP vows to replace Wingard
Legislative race - The candidate says he is staying in, but his party seeks a replacement Thursday, January 24, 2008

"All I can say right now is you can expect to see another Republican filed by the filing deadline," said Nick Smith, spokesman for House Republican leader Bruce Hanna.

OK Nick, we'll remember you.