Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beaver Believer

I'm a baseball fan, and my 15 year old son catches for Lake Oswego's varsity baseball team. He wants to play division 1 baseball. So, naturally, I've been following the OSU resurgant baseball program for a couple years.

Tonight the OSU Beavers beat Rice 2-0 to advance to the finals in the College World Series. They were total longshots to get to this point after losing their first game to Miami. It meant they had to win four straight games, and had to bea the nations #1 ranked team twice in a row to advance.

They didn't just beat Rice two straight -- they shut them out both games! That hadn't happened for more than a decade at the College World Series.

But the best part about the baseball program that Head Coach Pat Casey has built is that he has built it around Oregon and Washington talent. He has created a national baseball powerhouse that has two straight PAC-10 championships and two straight World Series appearances from Northwest baseball players!

Now, pretty much every talented baseball player in the state wants to go to OSU. So instead of bleeding our best players to ASU and USC, we keep them here, get to watch them play, and better still, win with them!

Pat Casey should be congratulated for building an institution in Oregon that will pay the state dividends for years to come.

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