Friday, February 10, 2006

Jim Hill on my radio show Sunday

In his first radio interview since he announced he is running for Governor, Jim Hill will be on Kremer & Abrams this Sunday from 10-11:00.

Ideas for questions to ask Mr. Hill? I don't know a ton about the guy, but I will be interested in his take on the big picture issues.


Anonymous said...

I believe he was on Wed or Thurs with Thom Hartman on KPOJ.

Rob Kremer said...

Oops I stand corrected! When we booked it he hadn't yet been on.

Anonymous said...

No problem :) I didn't listen but read your recap. As a devoted democrat, union member, and possible future teacher - I urge you to keep up the fight. The union shouldn't be dismantled (in my simple opinion), but ones with too much power do need to have at least some sort of check in power. This definitely includes teacher's unions.