Monday, October 10, 2005

Dr. John performs castration surgery

You gotta love it.

Democrats meet in their pow-wow this weekend in Bend in a desperate search for their soul, and have to listen to a scathing critique by the guy who is chiefly responsible for the sorry state of their party - former guv Kitzhaber.

If that wasn't bad enough, a few Stockholm Syndrome sufferers actually are pushing Kitzhaber to run for governor again, apparently thinking that if you want to solve big problems, who better to turn to than the person who caused them?

And the best part: Kitzhaber wouldn't say no. He gave the usual politicians' "no-plans-at-this-time" non-denial. You could almost hear him enjoying being wooed again.

This is funny on so many levels. First - it shows how bad off the D's really are. At a time when the Republicans have severe electoral liabilities both nationally and locally, if they had their act together and had some idea about what they stood for and how to solve some of our biggest problems they could rout the R's in the next election.

But instead of looking forward, they look backward to the failed leadership upon whose watch most of the current problems came to roost.

Second: Kitzhaber's refusal to put speculation to rest about running again completely neuters Governor Ted. It was Kitz who recruited Ted to run in the first place. Now his non-denial implicitly encourages speculation that he will run against him. Talk about castration! Does Kitz have any idea how weak that makes Kulongoski look? Does he care?

I am none-too-optimistic about the state of the Republican party these days and its chances at achieving an electoral majority any time soon. But with an opponent like the Oregon D's, well, things may not look so hopeless after all!


Dare!PDX said...

What this proves is how empty the D's platform really is. They talk a good game about the 'role of government' but fail to actually take action when granted power.

The only member of their party who seems to actually equate action after talk is Dr. No. They have a state Senate and every statewide executive seat - yet nothing put pleas for more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Based on his behavioral history, I suspect it was a vasectomy some years ago and not a recent castration as you suggest.