Saturday, August 27, 2005


On my radio show tomorrow (just a few short hours away) I will have as co-host Jack Bogdanski, of the ubiquitous "Jack Bog's Blog."

I've never met him. I'm a faithful reader and occasional poster on his blog, which Willamette Week tabbed the best local blog in their recent "Best of Portland" issue. I've always been impressed by his crap detector.

I spoke to him briefly on the phone after e-mailing him to invite him on my radio show. It was immediately obvious to me that he will be great on the radio.

Don't be surprised if you hear him on the radio a lot in the next few years.

He's a law perfesser up at Lewis & Clark. L&C is mostly known as one of the premier "environmental law" schools, which basically means they print a lot of lawyers who can't stand American-style capitalism. I don't think Jack is from that mold, but we will see tomorrow.

Hope you tune in.

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