Tuesday, May 17, 2005

HB 3162 Passed the House

In a 34-23 vote, the bill to abolish CIM/CAM passed on the House floor yesterday.

Five Democrats voted in favor of the bill: Brad Avakian, Kelly Wirth, Jeff Barker, Larry Galizio and Robert Ackerman. Two Republicans voted against it: Debbie Farr and Vicki Berger.

Now it is on to the Senate, where the fate of the bill will be in the hands of Majority Leader Kate Brown and Senate Education Committee Chair Vicki Walker.

While there have been several attempts to rid Oregon schools of this poortly conceived and horribly implemented "reform," this is the farthest any such effort has ever gotten. Finally legislators were required to cast an up-or-down vote on CIM/CAM, so their consitutents and everyone else can plainly see where they stand.

As Rep. Kim Thatcher said in her floor speech, "Are we going to stand with the teachers, students and parents, or are we going to stand with the bureaucrats?"

With the leadership of House Education Committee Chair Linda Flores, the House finally voted to stand with the people.

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